why am i a coach

Why am I a coach? What is my mission?

Have you ever watched “The King’s Speech”? If no, then I highly recommend it. It has every element of motivation in it and is based on a true story. Personally, what makes this movie special for me is the character of Lionel Logue. It is the character that inspired me to pursue the field of coaching.

Let me give you a quick overview of the character I keep so close to my heart. Lionel was hired by England’s Prince Albert to fix his speech impediment. Before him, Prince Albert had hired many prominent doctors but none of them brought a significant improvement in the speech of the Prince.

In order to cure, Lionel introduced unconventional ways (Lionel actually doesn’t possess any credentials in speech therapy in the movie). The movie ends with that Prince Albert overcame “King’s stammer” and they built deep friendship bond.

The movie brings itself not just a lesson but a great motivation for me to help those who are lagging due to past trauma.

Now, that I am an established coach I see many of my clients dissatisfied with their former counselors. Personally, I can understand the plight of these clients because I have been through that stage where you are presented with a solution, but that solution doesn’t remotely work for your betterment.

Many of those psychologists or counselors have their own ways of dealing things. Those ways can be fruitful to some, but not for everyone. Just like in the movie, all one needs sometimes is a little push, a speck of confidence, or a pinch of trust and support to carry on with their goals and aspirations.

Thus, I chose to be a coach because my belief in the power of coaching is rooted deeply in my soul. Through this, I can help people overcome the trivialities of life and step into what matters for the good.

When it comes to asking clients the reason for their unhappiness, it always turns out that most of them know it. If I am to sum it up, the reason is not their family, partner, friends, job, society, economy, etc. it is their inability to find the happiness that is already present around them.

There is no one who is perfectly happy or depressed. All of us lie in between the two extremes. It just depends on us which side do we pay heed to. And this is the key to staying happy forever. We simply need to learn how to shift the focus from the unhappiness, the worries, and the troubles, and to experience the positive side of life. This is how we become masters of happiness.

This is my mission. I want to help people to find their way of happiness/success through my sessions. It is then they can achieve balance, transition smoothly through their lives, and maintain better relationships.

Of course, it takes time to adapt to this line of thinking, but it’s never impossible. There is a need for a long-term commitment to bringing the change you want to see in yourself.

As a coach, I help people in making these commitments. I support them on their path to realizing happiness until they are where there are all smiles.

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